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motor installation services

There are motor gear and motor assembly in each garage door new motor installation. On the shaft of the door, the white color (white toothlike) motor gear is connected. For replacement purposes, you need to have the complete replacement kit/tool. You also need to closely see the specifications and features of the new motor installation, to check if it is compatible with our garage doors or not. Lindenwood garage door repair helps you in making the decision of whether to go for the motor replacement or existing motor can further work for you.

For replacement purposes, you need to ensure that the exiting motor is removed effectively without causing any hazard to its connecting parts. Close the garage door, and detach the socket so the cable could be removed from it. Then lose the chain connection and take it off from the socket. There are around 3 different types of screws and you need to dissemble each screw one by one. Your new motor will be installed using those screws, then reconnecting all together. Lindenwood garage door repair in New York hasall the contingency planning for your new motor installation. We also offer discount if you are a new client, as we believe in making a long term relationship with our clients.